Peter Doyle

Peter Doyle, is one of Australia's foremost hydroponics systems consultants and a passionate advocate for the merits of hydroponics.

To Peter, hydroponics offers all the dynamics of certified organic produce grown in soil. Hydroponics uses exactly the same trace elements found in soil but without the soil; it is intensive farming, that is fungicide and pesticide free and it is grown without synthetic fertilisers.

Additionally it is climate, weather & terrain independent and the methodology that Peter advocates recycles the nutrient solution and uses less water than alternative methods.


When Peter began commercially growing herbs and vegetables in the early nineties, he set about researching and developing techniques, methods and materials that inevitably found their way into the industry through the osmotic relationships he maintains with many leading suppliers.

In 2002, and in answer to the needs of drought stricken Australian farmers, Peter developed a new hydroponic fodder growing system using a combination of expertise, experience, knowledge and a unique hydroponic feeding method.

Designed to consistently produce high protein green feed. The Commercial Hydroponic Fodder System (CHFS) utilizes environmentally sound water wise methods, and as such requires much less water than field grown crops.

The design was granted a patent in 2003. Now that hydroponically grown fodder is proven for commercial purposes the hydroponic systems Peter designs for plant cultivation are to be found spread across different parts of the globe from Morocco to the USA. Consequently many consider him as a leading figure in the industry worldwide and an authority on hydroponic system design.


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