Benefits for Sheep

Our system benefits sheep in the following ways:

• Improved wool quality
• Higher fertility
• Less teeth wear

The benefits for sheep are well documented. These range from merely keeping a large number of sheep alive in extreme weather conditions to improvements in condition of the wool, increased fertility/conception rates and improved birth rate/ lower infant mortality.

In turn these lead to better prices for the sheep at market as the farmer can make the market when the prices are best for him to do so.

Ross Girdwood - Jerilderie, New South Wales, Australia


“I would have lost 1000 sheep if it hadn’t been for the H2O Farm system. In addition the birth rate increased from 120% to 180%. I think my sheep will live longer due to less wear and tear on their teeth through eating succulent fodder.”

- Ross Girdwood

Read Ross' full Case Study to see how the H2O Farm system helped him maintain sheep numbers through a drought.

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