Case Studies for Beef Cattle

Timaru, New Zealand
Beef Cattle Trial (2009)

A recent trial was conducted in Timaru, New Zealand with beef cattle fed on a fodder supplement to test the weight gain versus a control group fed as normal diet as they approached and went into the winter period.

The trial was conducted over 84 days during the winter period on 100 approx 10 month old bulls

• Group 1 - 50 bulls fed 28 days normal pasture/hay then brought indoors for 56 days and fed on a diet of rape/hay

• Group 2 - 50 bulls fed 28 days pasture/hay plus fodder supplement at 3.75kg per day, then indoors for 56 days on rape/hay plus fodder at 3.75kg per day


• Cattle in group 1 had a total live weight gain over the period of 39kg and group 2 had a live weight gain of 55kg.

i.e. a 41% difference in favour of group 2, the fodder fed cattle

• In addition the cost of feeding group 2, the fodder fed cattle, was 27% lower cost than group 1, due to the lower cost of fodder production.

Benefits to Beef Cattle

Fresh fodder benefits cattle bred for beef in the following ways...


The science behind animal digestion and fresh sprouting fodder...

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