Case Studies for Horses

Trials with a UK riding stable indicate a large reduction in feeding bills

Jill Harris - Spanish Bit Riding School, England
Testimonial - "We have more than halved our feed bill"

"Since the introduction of our hydroponic system from H2O Farm we have replaced 2 daily feeds with fresh hydroponic sprouting barley. We have just come through one of the worst winters in many years and on the cost analysis we have more than halved our feed bill . We feed around 450kg every day in fresh fodder to the 45 horses we have and every one of them looks forward to feed time. They have kept their weight on and their coats shine."

- Jill Harris

Kay Ward - New South Wales, Australia
H2o Farm Testimonial

"Thank you for making a fodder system that is affordable and workable by a first time hydroponics user.

My system consistently produces clean, healthy grass year round for my horses. I have found that within a couple of weeks the fodder gave them back their top line, a healthy shine to their coats, fills them up and has completed their vitamin and mineral requirements (with correct equine analysis and balancing).

Thank you all your support, availability and patience with my constant questions. I am confident now that no matter what the weather, I can always produce quality feed for my horses."

- Kay Ward

Benefits to Horses

Fresh fodder benefits horses in the following ways...


The science behind animal digestion and fresh sprouting fodder...

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