Benefits to Animals

Our system benefits animals in the following ways:

  • • Increases weight gain
  • • Reduces illness such as colic and gut ulcers
  • • Improves appearance of coat or fleece
  • • Improvements in hoof strength and quality
  • • Improved conception and birth rates
  • • Improves milk yield and levels of unsaturated fatty acids (UFA)

  • Both ruminants and mono gastrics have been shown to benefit from the introduction of fresh, nutritious hydroponically grown sprouting fodder in their daily diet.

    Only birds have been physiologically designed to eat whole grains. They store the grain in the crop where the moist warm conditions encourage the grain to sprout. Once sprouted they can digest it properly.

    Ruminants especially struggle to digest grain; our system and approach enables them to gain the benefits of fresh sprouting fodder, every day no matter what the weather.

    The demonstrable changes and benefits to livestock as varied as cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, deer, alpacas, rabbits and goats have been highlighted by many of our farmers.

    In this section we have listed the variety of animals that benefit from a diet of sprouting fodder with respective feedback of both scientific, anecdotal, case studies and testimonials.

    In every case our sprouting fodder improves the health of the animal.

Benefits to Beef Cattle

Fresh fodder benefits cattle bred for beef in the following ways...

Benefits to Goats

Fresh fodder benefits goats in the following ways...

Benefits to Sheep

Fresh fodder benefits sheep in the following ways...

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