Cost Saving

Reduce feeding cost

Significant savings can be made in the cost of feeding livestock.

The Spanish Bit Riding School have saved approximately 60% on their feed bills in the first year since installation.

Our case study for beef cattle proved a 27% reduction in feeding costs per kg of weight gain. This was using only a supplementary volume of sprouting fodder at 3.75kg, approximately 1.5% of the bodyweight of each beast.

Applying our suggested daily volume of 2-3% of body weight with unlimited access to dry material in the form of pasture dry feed or hay. It can be seen that further reductions in the cost of feed will apply.

Reducing the cost of feeding the animals is not the only saving that will be made. Our farmers have pointed to many other incidental savings by changing from producing crops for winter feed themselves to producing hydroponic sprouting barley using our system.

Production Costs

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Capital Costs

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Lower Vets Bills

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