Other Costs

Glenda Harris - Tasmania
Cost Saving Testimonial

We asked one of our farmers to comment on any other costs savings that had been made since the installation of her HF1000. She commented that prior to the installation of the HF1000 her costs per hectare had been as follows:

“We used to grow on approx 30 hectares. Our costs per hectare were in excess of $500 per hectare for weedkiller, ploughing, scarifying, working up, fertiliser and labour. This has been removed through the use of the HF1000."

Then pray for rain, hope the grubs don’t eat it again next year, then spray out the flat weed as they take hold, all in all a costly exercise. It makes H2O Farm look very attractive.”

- Glenda Harris

Production Costs

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Capital Costs

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Lower Vets Bills

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