Fodder Production Costs

Using a typical HF1000 our experience tells us that to grow 1 kg of sprouting fodder costs in the region of 6 UK pence. So to produce approx. 1000kg per day costs around £60. However these costs will vary according to local conditions, pricing for grain, electricity and water in many countries may be considerably less.

We have in the below table outlined the costs involved in the process. These are FOB UK costs for grain, Hydromix nutrient, Hydrobalance and Hydroclean for 1 years supply of each item.

Running costs for a 1 ton per day system:

Description Purchase price and size Per kg cost of fodder (pence) Total per day cost (GBP)
hydroponic sprouting barley seed £400 per tonne (1000kg/day = 140kg per day of grain) 0.056 56
Electricity 10p per kw 0.003 3.50
Water 0.1pence per litre x 870lts 0.00087 0.87
Nutrient £100 per batch will last 16 days for 1 ton system 0.00625 6.25
Acid PH 55 per batch = 12 weeks 0.000655 0.655
Pre-soak additive £350.00 0.00096 0.96
Total Daily running costs 0.0675 67.45

This table assumes the following:

• 1 ton production per day

• 1kg of hydroponic sprouting barley = 8kg of fodder i.e. 140kg per day of seed at £400 per ton cost delivered in 5 tonne loads in 500kg bags - Price based on UK price for malting barley (2013)

• 35kw of electricity per day for aircon, pumps and lights at 10p per kw hour

• 1 batch of nutrient lasts 16 days at £100 per batch

• 1 batch of AcidPH is 2 litres and lasts 12 weeks at £55 per batch

• Pre-soak additive comes in 20 litre container and lasts 1 year at £350 per batch

• Approximately 2 hours of labour needed per day

• 870 litres of water per day at 0.1p per litre

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