Jerry Brunetti

Jerry Brunetti is a world famous livestock feed expert who has been conducting trials specifically with milking cows fed on a range of feed. We present Jerry's full speech below (approx. 25min) in which he outlines results from his trials.

Key points of Jerry's speech

• Grains contain mostly starch. When fed to a ruminant these starches begin fermentation which leads to D-lactic acid in the rumen. i.e. causes an acidic environment in the rumen that reduces the efficiency of the digestive process.

• Hydroponic sprouting barley on the other hand contains many sugars. Sucrose, fructose, fructans, glucose, lactose and maltose are all present and produce more energy, more efficiently for the animal.

• Mineral and vitamin levels in hydroponic sprouting barley are significantly increased over grain, in addition they are absorbed more efficiently due to the lack of inhibitors present in grain.

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