Why Sprouting Fodder?

Fresh sprouting fodder enables the digestive system to process food in a much more efficient manner than it does with grain because:

• it eliminates phytates to improve mineral absorption
• it eliminates enzyme inhibitors to improve the digestive process
• it improves the enzyme activity to make the whole process less stressful on the pancreas

Feeding fresh sprouting fodder means less energy is needed by the animal for digestion so it channels this unused energy into production.

Of the 100% energy that an animal (for example a milking cow) takes on board:

• 20% is used to generate heat.
• 20% is used in "system" maintenance
• 20% is used in production energy (milk, reproduction, growth)
• 40% is used in waste (30% fecal, 5% gas, 5% urinary)

Feeding fodder will reduce the amount of time the animal spends searching for food in the field. Feeding fodder will improve the digestive process so the animal absorbs more energy, spends less energy on the process and spends less energy in producing waste.

This net improvement is in energy available for production, whether this is milk, reproduction or weight gain.

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